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Our mission at Secular Humanist Jewish Circle is to celebrate cultural humanistic, and secular Judaism.

We see ourselves as a caring and stimulating community which although secular and non-theistic, proudly values our Judaism and what we have in common with all other Jews. We welcome everyone who connects with the history and culture of the Jewish people and the principles of Humanistic Judaism.


Chanukah 2023


Chanukah 2023

SHJC's History:

After attending an inspiring lecture about Humanistic Judaism in February 2009, a group of Tucson locals joined together as a passionate community with the goal of establishing a humanistic Jewish community in Tucson. As more Tucson Jews gained interest, the community gained traction and became known as Secular Humanist Jewish Circle.

Today, we plan and sponsor educational and social events to celebrate the history and tradition of Jewish holidays. We celebrate the High Holidays, Chanukah, Purim, Passover and Sukkot. SHJC meets in libraries, community centers, and members’ homes - the rotation of locations addresses the wide geographic area of our members.

What is Secular Humanistic Judaism:

Humanistic Judaism emphasizes Jewish culture and Jewish history as the source of Jewish identity without prayer and theism.


Chanukah 2023

Humanistic Judaism was established in Detroit, Michigan in 1963 after Rabbi Sherwin Wine started the first Humanist Jewish congregation, the Birmingham Temple. A non-theist alternative in contemporary Jewish life, Humanistic Judaism seeks a connection with Jewish culture, tradition, and history.

Chanukah 2023

At Secular Humanist Jewish Circle, we:

  • Draw strength from the history, culture, and achievements of our people

  • See Jewish history as testimony to the continuing struggle for universal human dignity

  • Create and observe secular interpretations of Jewish rituals, services, and celebrations

  • Include study, questioning, discussion, and social justice as examples of Jewish values

  • Believe that action to create social justice is an affirmation of our Jewish identity

  • Seek solutions to human conflicts that respect the freedom, dignity, and self-esteem of every human being

  • Believe that human beings have the responsibility for solving human problems

  • Hold values independent of a supernatural authority

  • Rely on sources such as reason, observation, experimentation, creativity, and artistic expression to address questions about the world and to seek understanding of our experiences




A collection of photos from SHJC events


Meet our SHJC Board Members

Rabbi Jack Silver has served as our rabbi since 2017. He resides in Tempe with his wife Sharon. In addition to providing Shabbat and Holiday services in person and via tele-video, he is always happy to assist members with life cycle events and questions about Humanistic Judaism.

Rabbi Jack Silver

Jack Silver.png
Rabbi Jack is a graduate of the International Institute of Secular Humanistic Judaism, and the Rabbinical Seminary International. In addition to his work with the congregation, Rabbi Jack is the Director of Jewish Counseling Services with Jewish Family & Children’s Services located in Phoenix and serves as one of their hospital chaplains visiting Jewish patients. You can contact him with the information below.

Phone: 602-751-9044



Phone: 520-577-7718


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